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  • Evan Shepherd

Safe Relocation at a Glance: what to consider when relocating your safe

We’ve all gone through the struggles in moving from home to home, yet one big hurdle as a gun safe owner is “how do I move this thing”. Here at Nick of Time Moving being prepared is the cornerstone in alleviating the added stress a safe move can pose. A combination of accurate move details, ensuring preparation is done, and coordinating ideal timing between customer and technician team make concerns vanish, so you can focus on the rest.

On the surface a gun safe can seem as simple to move as cardboard box, yet it has some complex hurdles to overcome made manageable with the right details. No one likes a situation where a big move day is underway, and it must be stopped last minute. We gather info on your safe such as weight, height, and width, along with home layout dimensions and placement to secure a smooth relocation of that safe. The dimensions of your stairs or landing might not sound important, yet it allows technicians a clear picture on getting your safe out of the starting spot and into its new home without wasting a moment.

When the safe details are figured out it can feel like a solid start, so the next step to get solved is the timing. From repairs to inspections and closing dates, your timeline for home movement can feel ever changing, yet giving us notice early on can give all players involved plenty of time to adapt to changes. It also allows us to coordinate with your other moving preparations. Maybe closing and move-in dates don’t line-up? That’s ok, because we can hold onto a safe for a few days, leaving room for you to move at your own pace.

Once you have secured a movement date it can feel like you are all set, though there are a few added tasks you can finish-up to make the moving day breeze by. First is to make sure your safe is emptied of its contents before technicians arrive to move it. This ensures that the safe doesn’t have any unexpected weight that wasn’t accounted for, and helps you avoid damage to your belongings. While a safe is great protection and storage for your things when it’s standing still at your home, it wasn’t designed to protect them if it’s tipped, turned, and moved around. Secondly, be mindful of the pathway that the safe will be taking in your home and keep it clear of obstacles. This will prevent scrambling on the day of the move to clear the pathway when our crews arrive.

With all the tasks to get your belongings moved it can be overwhelming to think about your gun safe, yet Nick of Time has you covered. Taking the right steps such as: details, timing and gun safe prep when you want your safe professionally moved and installed, whether it’s down the street or to a different city.


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