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Locking Bolts, Locking Bars, or Something New?

The gun safe industry has seen little innovation over the years, with the use of cylindrical locking bolts and flat locking bars being the norm for decades. While these designs effectively prevent pry attacks through the door, the increasing cost of steel has led manufacturers to use thinner gauge steel, making traditional locking bolts and bars less effective against such attacks. In this blog, we will introduce a unique and noteworthy innovation: Safe X by Rhino Safe.

It is important to note that round locking bolts and flat locking bars are still effective, particularly on higher-end models. When watching pry attack videos on safes from different manufacturers, the failure usually occurs in the door frame, allowing the locking bars or bolts to slip by. Manufacturers address this issue by making the bolts or bars thicker or wider, reinforcing the door frame with thicker steel, or constructing the door with plate steel. While these methods are effective, they significantly increase the cost. This is where Rhino's Safe X innovation stands out.

The Safe X innovation breaks away from the traditional approach of bolts or bars behind a frame. Instead, Rhino Safes with the Safe X design feature open holes around the door that align with hardware mounted to the frame. When the door is closed and the handle is turned, heavy-duty steel bar stock slides around the steel hardware, increasing surface contact and strength. This method proves crucial in preventing pry attacks. Notably, the Safe X innovation is proudly manufactured in the United States at Rhino Safe's facility in Idaho.

In summary, Rhino Safe's Safe X Innovation is a rare and cost-effective solution to prevent burglars from prying open the door. It represents one of the few new innovations in the industry in decades and is proudly made in the USA. We highly recommend visiting their website to see this innovation for yourself.


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