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How Do I Prepare For My Gun Safe Delivery?

You searched and did your research for months looking for the gun safe that fits your needs, and you finally made the purchase. This is an exciting time! Now you’re on pins and needles and you can’t wait for your delivery. So, what can you do to prepare for your gun safe delivery and installation? Below we’ll discuss some of the things you can take care of on your end to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Clean Your Home: It may seem silly at first, but a clean pathway for the gun safe to travel is the most important first step for a home owner that’s preparing for delivery. Our delivery crew is going to use a multi-layer protection method to protect your floors, but that may not be enough if there is an abundance of sand, grit, or gravel on the floors of your home. Your safe could weigh in excess of 1,000lbs and a tiny little pebble can leave an unfortunate mark on your beautiful hardwood floors if it’s missed during preparation.

Clear A Pathway: Do as much as you can. If you know our delivery crew is going through the garage and there are bicycles, lawnmowers, and boxes everywhere, a cleared pathway is very much appreciated. Is there a tight hallway? Remove any picture frames or mirrors that are hanging on the walls, so they don’t impede the safe’s movement through the hall. If you’re alone and these tasks are too much for you on your own, don’t worry, our technicians will walk the pathway and take care of these tasks for you on the day of installation.

Put Your Pets Away: We loves animals, but we do ask that your pets be kenneled or in a bedroom when we arrive for your gun safe delivery. Gun safes are very heavy and our equipment for moving them is heavy as well. The absolute last thing we want is an accident or injury to occur because little Rosco wants to be apart of the action.

Winter Weather: If you live in a region that gets lots of snow during the winter, there are some extra steps you can take to make sure your delivery goes smoothly. We ask that you shovel or snow blow an extra wide pathway up the driveway and sidewalk for our technicians. We also ask that you put down a heaping amount of salt on the pathway prior to their arrival to melt any ice. It can be quite dangerous pushing a safe up the driveway over ice and snow. Is your safe going around the back of the house to an exposed basement entry? We ask that a path be cleared with the snowblower before the crews arrival. A 36-48 inch pathway is usually sufficient, but the wider the better.

Enjoy The Show: We know that you want to jump in and lend a helping hand. You feel like you should help pushing or pulling in some way, but you’ve done all that you can do by this point. Our crews are trained as a team to work together through this installation process and they’re communicating with each other in ways you may not understand. An unanticipated push or pull could lead to damage or injury, so just sit back and enjoy the show. You’ll soon be enjoying to most fun time of all, loading that big gun safe with all of your prized possessions.


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