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Fears and Fixes When Hiring Safe and Vault Services

We’ve learned over the years that there are a handful of reasons our customers may be a bit apprehensive about having their gun safe delivered. Are there going to be unexpected costs that surprise you at the last minute? How much of an inconvenience is this going to be for me and what does the scheduling process look like? Who are the guys that are going to be delivering my safe? Can I trust them? Gun safes are large, heavy, and expensive items. With those factors in mind, it is possible for your gun safe delivery and installation to become a complex and time-consuming process. We spent over a decade streamlining our process and procedures to make this the most painless service as possible. Below I will break down the steps we’ve taken so you can relax as we work through your delivery with you.

Unexpected Costs

To get your safe or vault service done right, we are going to ask a few focused questions. We may even ask for pictures, videos, and measurements of the pathway. Asking for these details up front is one of the ways we ensure there are no unexpected costs for you at the time of delivery. We will take the information you’ve given us and iron out a plan that gives us a near 100% execution rate on the day of delivery. Our expertise in home construction knowledge paired with our experience will help us determine if the safe will fit where you want it. This also helps us prevent damages by understanding what can handle the weight and space needed to move a large box of steel. I’ve come to call our crews and technicians in the field The Great Redeemers because I’ve been on hundreds of deliveries and at the end of the process they tell me, “Man Nick I’ve got to tell ya, I wondered why y’all asked so many questions, but after watching you guys operate it all makes sense now”. Trust our process and I promise you’ll feel the same way.


We are going to work with you to find a date for your delivery that fits into your schedule, yet the reality is that some deliveries can be complex and more time consuming than others. Every delivery, much like every home is different and with that we give an arrival time window to ensure that each safe delivery and installation service is given the time needed. Allowing for some room in each appointment lets us answers questions about a safe or vault, small adjustments to placement, or an additional service if requested. On the day of our service, our field technicians will make sure to call ahead of their arrival which can allow you the much needed freedom to finish-up an errand or get other things done instead of sitting around all day waiting for the appointment.

Trust and Discretion

A safe or vault is something you purchase, and don’t want too many to know about. To that end, our vetted staff value discretion in both the approach to your home, and to the information you provide for the best service. Whether it’s discreet communication via text/email or our unassuming vehicles, we strive to get your goods into their final place without much fuss. Our field technicians maintain a courteous and respectful demeaner throughout your service so you can breath easy that your experience is a good one.

Addressing customer apprehensions about gun safe delivery is how Nick of Time Moving provides a positive and satisfying experience for our customers. We start by gathering the information on your delivery and installation to quote responsibility which can avoid unexpected costs. Communication matters, so we keep in contact every step of the way from collected details, giving arrival windows, and field technicians reaching out on the day of service. Ultimately a quality safe and vault service should give any customer the smoothest experience, while handling the specifics to take the hassle out of a big purchase.


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