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Moving tips to save you time and money on your move.

Hi, I’m Nick with In The Nick of Time Moving. This article is here to save you time and money on your upcoming move. We understand that not everyone will want to utilize all of these suggestions, but by following a few simple tips you will help us complete your move in the most timely and efficient manner.


Moving Tips

Tip 1 :

Pack all boxes properly. Take a look at our How to Pack Guide

Tip 2 :

Make sure to try and use like size boxes, as this will help the movers to quickly stack and organize your boxes.

Tip 3 :

Try to box as many items as possible or put them in plastic totes. The more miscellaneous items that you have out such as lamps, CD players, etc., the longer it takes to move your household.

Tip 4 :

Make sure all boxes are labeled with the name of the room in which they should be placed. This will help the movers place each box in your desired location without having to ask you where each box belongs.

Tip 5 :

If you have items going to different locations, label them or keep them separated. You can also buy colored tape or sticky notes to help show which items are going to which locations.

Tip 6 :

If at all possible and you are able and willing to do so, stage all or some of your boxes in an easily accessed area. Ex: garages, living room or wide-open areas.

Tip 7 :

Disassemble all beds and their frames. Make sure you keep your screws and other hardware from the furniture in an easy to remember place so that you do not forget where you put them when you need to put your bed and furniture back together!

Tip 8 :

Unhook any appliances or electronics and get them ready for the move.

Tip 9 :

Remove all breakable and spillable items from drawers and cabinets. It will also help to remove clothing and other non-breakable items from dressers and cabinets. This will make the object lighter and easier to carry for your mover.


If you follow these simple tips your move will go more quickly, in turn saving you time and money.